Learning to cook: two community stories to inspire you

As chef Franck Dangereux says: ‘You can really make a difference to your life by eating good food’. We couldn’t agree more and are so chuffed that our Online Cooking Courses are helping people to do this. In our first Learning to Cook article, we shared Mergalin Pillay’s story of a transformed kitchen life. Today we have more stories for you, this time from Gauteng based Winnie Mogotsi as well the author of local blog Se7en.


Winnie’s story

‘I have always loved to cook and actually wanted to become a chef but the courses are very expensive. I was so happy when I came across the Yuppiechef Cooking School because my wish became a reality. I have learned new techniques for baking and cooking and I’m experimenting more with the knowledge I am getting. I have also become exceptionally good in my baking and even make a bit of money selling my cupcakes, my favourite being the red velvet cupcakes from Sarah Graham’s Art of Baking course.’

Recipe for red velvet cupcakes

Mom of Se7en + 1’s story

‘The Yuppiechef courses gave us a peek into the the food preparation of real chefs in their kitchens. By watching the videos and following the instructions we were able to produce beautiful food that we actually never dreamed of doing before. As we began a new recipe we often thought we wouldn’t be able to do it, or maybe we should do a simpler version but it always worked out well, step by step by step. These courses gave us the confidence to try things that we wouldn’t normally try and we managed far better than we thought we would.

The one life changing trick we learnt was ‘Follow the instructions.’ This isn’t rocket science I know, but so often we look at the photograph of a recipe and we don’t have all the ingredients so we adapt this and we change that, take a few short cuts and then it looks nothing like what we were aiming for. Simply following the instructions can do away with a lot of disappointing results.

Our favourite recipe so far is the Chinese pork belly with egg noodles and pak choi. It was something so different to what we normally cook and it required lots of different skills, which is great for family cooking time, and it was one hundred percent delicious!
While we were preparing the Coq Au Vin Rouge with mashed potato, our youngest helper leapt off the jungle gym and broke his arm but he wouldn’t take a step back and the next recipe he was taking his turn at rolling the pasta machine along with everyone else, so that our egg noodles would be ready for the Chinese pork belly.”

The celebrity chef is hard at work in the kitchen… A bazillion lemon cookies baking!!! #kidsinthekitchen

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