Le Creuset Halo Kettle: the gift of me-time

The tea breaks we take during our power working hours are our sacred pockets of time to either get out of our heads or to get lost in our thoughts. If you know anyone who’s been working really hard this year and deserves some quality tea breaks in the coming chapter of their life, here’s why a Le Creuset Halo Kettle is the best gift for me-time.


When you’re pouring your all into a vision you believe in, those moments where you lift your gaze are far more effective when you’re gazing at taking in something beautiful, something that says ‘you deserve this’ or ‘you earned this’. The gentle boil of water on a flickering, blue flame, while the steady steam rises, the promise of your favourite brewed leaves is the unhurried moment you’ve worked so hard for. So, this year, for your hard working freelance friend or maybe the stay at home mom, give the gift of quality me-time.

Gift a Le Creuset Halo Kettle.