Kids parties, sponge cats and whoopie

One thing that never gets old for all of us at Yuppiechef HQ, is feedback from people on the other side of the internet. In fact, it is one of our favourite things, up there with raindrops on roses and snowflakes that stay on our noses and eyelashes.

Whether a call from a happy shopper letting us know their order arrived in record timing; an email about a German knife that has changed the way someone chops or a comment on one of our Spatula recipes to let us know that an aspiring baker has finally mastered the art of making cupcakes, we love to hear from you.

Today, we were pleased as punch to get an email from Melissa Pye with some snaps from her daughter’s second birthday party, and to discover that she used Spatula recipes to make the magic happen. Hoola.

Pictured here are our puff pastry and white chocolate crème bites, some sugar cookie lollies and an array of cupcakes (including Winnie-the-pooh) – an altogether delightful spread of sweet treats. Nice one Melissa!

We also loved these photos, posted on Facebook a little while back, of Terry’s cat taking on snooze on a freshly baked sponge cake and Leigh-Anne’s chocolate whoopie pies (made with a whoopie pie tin she ordered from us online):

Got a story? We’d love to hear it. Say hello and post a photo of your Spatula or Yuppiechef inspired foodie adventures on Facebook (or if Facebook is not your thing, drop us an email on

Onwards and upwards.