Joseph Joseph Elevate Gift Set

Have you seen a lemon yellow Soup ladle before? An orange Spaghetti spoon?

We love the genius of Joseph Joseph‘s kitchen tools. Dreamy to look at, and always with a clever twist. People like twists, much like finding R50 in your pocket or one more smartie when you thought you were through.

Take their range of Elevate utensils for example, designed with weighted handles to prevent the heads from resting on the counter and deftly preventing sticky patches during cooking. Nice, hey?

The Elevate tools have been available individually in green for a little while, and today’s excitement is that the Elevate Utensil Gift Sets have arrived at Yuppiechef HQ.

These rainbow bright tools would give jasmine blossoms a run for their money in bringing on Summer. If you are thinking about investing in a few of the tools, buying the six tools together in the gift set will save you R100 (everyone loves a good deal).

We heart Joseph Joseph. Okay. Over and out.