Jazz up your ice cream with these tasty toppers

Our moods for ice cream are as varied as the weather. Some days we like it plain and simple, other days we just want all the things. And since the weather is only getting better, we dedicated some serious think time to all the delicious ice cream toppers in the world.


All day and late night ice cream parlours like Marcels, Wakaberry, MyYog and Pink Berry and FroYo (seen abroad) are cropping up everywhere you go lately. It’s an “I-can-have-all-the-things-instant-gratification” type of craze and it’ll make your inner kid giggle with delight.

Drizzles and sauces

Looking for a little something extra to ramp up your bowl of gelato? A simple, melt in your mouth sauce can often be all it’s calling for. Try these four ice cream sauce recipes.

No time to make? No worries. These delicious syrups can be bought online in a jiff and delivered to where ever you’re hanging out.

Some crunch, crumble and compote

Now we’re talking. Here’s how you give those self serve ice cream parlours a good run for their money. You can make these delicious, exotic toppers at home and add some serious vooma to your soft serve.

Easy toppings you can buy

There are of course all the other wonderful additions you can simply buy from the shops if time doesn’t allow:

  • Speckled eggs
  • Smarties
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Flake crumbles
  • Fresh berries

Here’s a random thought. Why not have an ice cream toppers shindig at your next get together and watch everyone whip up their own personal frozen bonanza. While you’re doing that, ask yourself – if you were a crazy combo ice cream – what would you be?

We would be strawberry cheesecake with crumble, but you knew that already.