A stash of ice cream recipes

There are three great truths about ice cream. They’re the best kind of headache, you always have room for ice cream and they make an excellent substitute for broccoli. To make sure you never run dry on a good ice cream, here’s a stash of classic, wonderful and bizarre ice cream recipes to make at home. Crunchy sugar cones are waiting.


Homemade vanilla ice cream with strawberry ripple

Vanilla is beautiful. It reminds you of baking with your grandmother, travel to exotic places, the simplicity of being a kid and being carefree in summer. Here’s a classic vanilla ice cream recipe, made without an ice cream maker.  The tat crunch of strawberry ripple is optional.


Glühwein ice cream

One minute you have a delicious mulled wine for festive gatherings and the next, it’s churned into a delicious, spicy summertime treat. This glühwein ice cream is how you capture Christmas, any time of the year.

Gluewein ice cream

Homemade Eton mess ice cream with Zoku

Individual, soft-serve portions sound ideal to us. We made these pink swirls of Eton mess ice cream, a churn of strawberry and puffs of meringue, in the Zoku Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker.


Peppermint crisp ice cream

Chocolate is the language of the gods – no wonder it speaks directly to the comfort of your deepest cravings. Try our recipe for peppermint crisp ice cream – decadent churned chocolate with a brittle of mint to lift your spirits.

home-made ice cream

Pistachio ice cream

Pistachio is one of those acquired tastes, that most people either find really odd, or totally irresistible. A little bit nutty, with hints of marzipan flavour this pistachio ice cream is a must try.

ice cream recipes

Kamini Pather’s beer ice cream with seed brittle

Combining two great inventions is as revolutionary as discovering sliced bread all over again. Kamini Pather’s beer ice cream is one of those marvellous combinations. Never choose between beer and ice cream again.

beer ice cream

The ultimate strawberry ice cream

An interesting combination of strawberries, balsamic vinegar and black pepper makes for one heck of an ultimate strawberry ice cream. Garnish the finished product with fresh fruit of the season and you have yourself a decadent dessert. Sounds wacky but tastes magical.

ice cream recipes

Lemon ice cream

This ice cream tastes like your favourite lemon meringue pie. There’s just something about lemon and cream mixed together that send your tastebuds into overdrive. Instant mouth puckering sourness softened with a whirl of decadent cream. This recipe for lemon ice cream is quite versatile – swop out lemons with oranges or limes and even add some chocolate chips if you’re feeling creative.

ice cream recipes

White chocolate and rose water ice cream

Rose water has the power to transport you to Turkey or Istanbul in an instant. It can be quite pungent though but with a partner in white chocolate, this recipe is quite something. Give this white chocolate and rose water ice cream a go.

White chocolate ice cream with rose water

Mince pie ice cream

There’s no reason why pie can’t become ice cream too. We made mince pie ice cream with Christmas leftovers and ended up falling deeply for this magical combination of caky clusters in vanilla.

Ready to serve mince pie ice cream

So, which of these gets you excited about making your own ice cream at home? Share your self engineered flavours with us. When it comes to ice cream, there should be no secrets.

Also if you prefer the fruity side of life, here’s a bunch more sorbet recipes to try.

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