How’s your kitchen?

It’s almost July. That will either thrill or scare you, depending on various things. At this midyear point, we thought it fitting to take a look at some of the trends we’ve seen unfolding in kitchenware thus far in 2010. You were wrong if you thought it was going to be soccer ball shaped ice-cubes, but that’s okay.

1. Earth-friendly
If you are saying obviaaaaaaaas in your head, you’d be right as this one is obvious. In kitchenware, the green trend has reared its antlers in various forms, including the incorporation of  reclaimed materials into some products (like the Epicurean skatepark chopping boards, which JamieWho reviewed for us last month).

Amidst the likes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the growing trends of organic eating and recreational cooking, the kitchen has become a canvas for showing earth-friendly allegiance – home-grown preservative-free herbs and vegetables, home-made stock, ice-cream, bread and iced herbal teas… It’s grand. Like the good old days.

That’s a special indoor Trio Herb Pot from Sagaform, pretty.

2. Convenient and multifunctional
One of the aftereffects of the recession has been a general downsizing and simplifying of homes and lifestyles. The kitchen has not escaped this process, and indulgence has given way to understated and clever. In this atmosphere, multifunctional kitchen tools are ideal, appealing to a mind set of money, time and space saving.

Brand new on our site is this space-saving Sweep Up set from Eva Solo, and a combined Oil&Vinegar dispenser from Swiss brand Kuhn Rikon,.

3. Traditional but high-tech
Life is hectic, and people yearn for the simplicity of the past. Traditional has become the new contemporary, but the continuous functional evolution means quality and functionality is constantly on the rise. The result is the current trend in small appliances today – the embracing of the old, repackaged and technically improved.

A brand perfectly positioned to take advantage of this is Le Creuset, and their Whistling tea kettle is a prefect example of a pimped old favourite (this one has been remodelled for use across all heat sources).

4. Simple with splashes of colour
Kitchen colour trends this year are muted, neutral and natural with splashes of bright colour. These colour features are often added by painting a cabinet or wall a stark and bright colour, and also pop up in brightly coloured appliances (which become the heroes of the counter, naturally).

A prime example – the neon shades of Bodum’s new range of coffee makers and bistro toasters.

Does your kitchen fit this 2010 mould? We kind of like people who don’t fit the mould.

We do want you to buy our kitchen tools though, so we trust you do feel at least a small amount of pressure to conform… Jokes. Not really though.