How to make Easter eggs with Zoku

We usually get into a chocolate egg buying frenzy just before Easter, but how cool would it be to make your own Easter eggs for a change? How you ask? Well, where there’s an outrageously cool will, there’s usually a Zoku way. Here’s how to make these giant chocolate orbs, our version of Easter eggs, with a Zoku Ice Ball.

easter eggs

It sounds odd, but it’s actually kind of easy. All you need to know is how to temper chocolate. Whether you wish to make one supreme quality egg for all to nibble on or several for each will determine which chocolate you should use. For the golden Easter egg, Valrhona is your choice, otherwise simply melt down your favourite store bought chocolate brand.


Milk chocolate (we used Valrhona 40& Jivara milk chocolate for some)
White chocolate ( we used Valrhona 35% Ivoiree white chocolate for some)
Nicoletta Edible Metallic Shimmer


1. First, you’ll need to melt chocolate. You can either use a bain marie, double boiler or you could even do it in the microwave with a suitable bowl like this Choco Chocolate Melting Bowl from Lekue. Here’s an easy recipe for tempering chocolate.

2. To fill the Zoku egg, make a small piping bag with baking paper by folding the bottom edge across the side of a large square of baking paper.


3. Then place your left thumb on the middle part of the longest side, and using your right hand fold each corner over to make a cone shape – ie. the nozzle of piping bag – over your thumb. The tighter you secure the corner the smaller the hole of the nozzle. Seal with sticky tape or staple to secure.

Or you could use a piping bag if you have one at hand.

4. Place the nozzle in the small hole of the Zoku and fill up with melted chocolate. This is where you can get creative and fill with white, dark or milk chocolate. Add crushed nuts or colours to your melted chocolate for totally unique Easter eggs.

5. Now simply place your Zoku Ice Balls in the fridge and allow to set before removing and taking out of the mould. The chocolate should stay set at room temperature.

For a few final fancy touches, sprinkle your chocolate eggs with either silver or gold shimmer or try painting it on with a broad brush.


Et voila. We hope you’re inspired to make your own Easter eggs this year. They’d make lovely gifts wrapped up in silver foil, too.

P.S. If you thought you’d try your hand at hollow versions of these beauties, we hope you have the precision of a Swiss watchmaker and the speed of a ninja to spin the ice ball at the right speed to coat the inside of the silicone ball, without filling it. If you get it right, send us a pic, we’d love to see it.