How to make Doodh Pak

This weekend marks the beginning of the five day Hindi festival of lights, also known as Divali. Melissa Chetty, part of our Facebook community, asked us to post a few recipes for the traditional Indian fare made to celebrate Diwali, so we did some snooping and found a couple.

This one is for Doodh Pak, a delightful sweetened milk drink with adventure inspiring spices. Wanna give it a spin? Keep reading.


1 litre milk
2 large eggs
125g sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
25g blanched and chopped almonds
25g blanched and chopped pistachios
1 tin evaporated milk (optional)
1 tsp cardamom and nutmeg powder

How to make the creamy goodness

Boil the milk and sugar till creamy in consistency and then let it cool.

Separate the eggs, beat them and then fold in to the cooled milk mixture (note cooled, unless you want scrambled eggs). Return to a low heat, stirring gently until it comes to the boil (if the egg does form lumps in the milk, strain through a fine sieve).

Add in the cardamom, nutmeg and vanilla essence and pour into a dish or individual mugs. Sprinkle with chopped almonds and pistachios and refrigerate (0r serve warm). Delicious with hot puris (little bready things).

Good luck to you, Doodh Pak maker (and if you are up for some deep-frying, check out this easy recipe for Jalebi).

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