How to make Amarula Eggnog

Eggnog, made with warmed yolks, milk, cream and brandy is about as traditional as you get. And let’s be serious, this would go down a right treat if our trees were covered with snow and we all needed a warm-me-up during our festivities.

Here in the South where “the sun is warm” and “the grass is green” a cooler, lighter version of the Christmasy beverage charged with an indigenous South African liqueur, Amarula, gives a smooth twist on an old favourite. This sweet fruit is pounded into a pulp, allowed to ferment and then mixed with fresh cream to produce a liqueur that is subtle, elegant and deeply spicy. Enjoy!

Quill for garnish
Ice – crushed would be ideal

Place two tablespoons of crushed ice in a champagne flute. Fill flute with milk until the ¾ mark. Sprinkle with cinnamon and top up with Amarula and serve with a Cinnamon Quill.

Also put a quill in your hair. Just because you can.