How to cook steak and eggs on a salt slab

Just a word of warning, this nifty salt slab trick may send your hunger pangs soaring. But it will definitely wow your guests at your next dinner party, so bear with us while we show you some steak and eggs sorcery.


The last time Craig cooked on a salt slab with us, he used a completely untarnished, almost brand new slab to cure the fresh trout. This time round he showed us how you can use your older salt slabs as fire bricks and then, when you are ready, you can remove the slabs from the coals and use them to season and cook your meat, ‘hot rock’ style. Do we have your attention? Here’s how to do it.

What you need:

A braai and your fire wood
Jimmy Public Salt Slab
Stainless steel cooking ring or egg ring
Your favourite cut of steak

How it’s done:

1. Stoke up a fire in your braai or Weber. While the flames are burning and your wood is turning to coals, place your salt slabs on the coal side of the fire to heat up gradually. It’s this crucial step that also prevents the slabs from cracking as they need to heat up gradually.
2. Once all the wood has burnt down to coal move your salt slabs over into the centre of the hot coals. The salt slabs can handle temperatures of up to 480ºC on the fire.
3. Leave the slabs to heat up on the coals for about 20 minutes and then move them off onto an insulted surface ready for serving. This can be a wooden board like the Laid Back Oak Company Place Mats or simply a serving plate with a folded napkin for the salt slab to rest on.
4. Quickly place your cooking ring to one side of the slab and, cracking the egg into another ramekin, slowly pour the egg onto the slab giving it time to set and cook to a salt-infused sizzle.


5. While the egg is cooking place a beef steak alongside it on the salt slab. It should sizzle instantly. Watch as it cooks through towards the centre turning it over according to your preference. You’ll only need to cook the steak and eggs for between 5–6 minutes.


Once cooked to perfection, lift the steak and your perfectly fried egg onto your plate or wooden board and tuck in. They should have a delicately salt infused flavour. Garnish with micro greens and a dollop of mayonnaise.

If you leave them on for too long the steak will cook through and absorb too much seasoning from the slab. This is a great way to serve food engagingly at dinner parties, or even prep the salt slabs and have everyone cook their own meat according to personal preference.


If you don’t fancy lighting a fire, you can cook your steak and eggs on oven-heated salt slabs. Simply place them side-by-side on an oven tray, put them in the oven and set the temperature to heat up to 260ºC.

Like the sound of this salt slab cooking business? You can buy a Jimmy Public Salt Slab here.

Thanks to Craig Cormack for his salt slab cooking tips and recipes.