How to choose a spiraliser

These days, it seems like everywhere you look someone is spiralising something. There are more spiral-making tools than you might know what to do with, so if the sheer variety is overwhelming you, this might help. Here’s our guide on how to choose a spiraliser.


There are two basic varieties of spiraliser – the turning slicer and the handheld or pencil sharpener type. Depending on what you are after in a spiraliser, the results of these can vary quite widely, as can the price (and your success with it). So, if you’re looking to turn all of your veggies into spirals, read on for which will work best for you.

Handheld spiralisers

  • These are based on the pencil sharpener design, or a variation of it.
  • They usually include a food gripper, but sometimes you have to use your hands to get the most out of the veg, so watch those fingers.
  • They work best with average sized, pencil shaped veggies – a diameter of about 4–9 cm seems to work best.
  • These usually only have one or two sizes of blade width, depending on the design.

Our favourite handheld spiralisers


Turning slicers

  • These are based on the premise that you will want to slice a wide variety of fruit and vegetables
  • They keep your fingers away from the blades, by using an integrated turning mechanism
  • They work best with larger fruit and veggies– we’ve found that a diameter of 8–10cm seems to work best
  • These often have a variety of blades, enabling you to make a variety of noodles as well as a flat ribbons.


Our favourite turning spiralisers

Things to bear in mind with spiralisers

As with many things, spiralisers have their own set of pros and cons. Turning a solid vegetable into a spiral opens you up to a huge variety of fun food that will have your creative cogs whirling, but will leave behind some leftover vegetable which cannot be spiralised. This is usually the core and the end you’ve used to grip it for turning. We usually save those ends for soup or juice, or just chop them up and add them to whatever we are cooking. They can also be used for composting, if you’d rather not use them at all.

So, there you have it. The world of spiralisers broken down so you can get what you’re after in the spiralising world. Shop our full range of spiralisers and share this article with a friend looking to go low carb.