How it works: Philips Avance Juicer

Buying an appliance for a specific task is often a choice of time. You can make bread in a bread maker or you can mix and prep everything yourself, leave the dough to rise then punch it back down and bake it in the oven. It’s very doable but it takes more time. The same goes for making coffee – manual works, but automatic is just that much more efficient. Juicing on the other hand, is something that, should you wish to up your daily intake of full blown nutrition, you won’t get done easily with a citrus reamer. So, if you’re wishing to dip your toes into the juicing game, consider the Philips Avance Electric Juicer.


The Philips is a little machine of a juicer with an 800 watt motor and extra large feeding tube, not to mention super easy stackable assembly. With a slick design, this guy can sit happily on your counter without taking up too much space. Here’s how it works.


How it works:

1. Assemble the juicer. This bit is relatively easy as all the parts simply stack on top of each other and lock into place with the handle so putting it together is quick and easy. Now pick the right setting before you begin juicing. Note, the setting dial is the on switch.

2. The Philips Juicer makes for very quick juicing as none of the fruit or veg need to be chopped up because the feeding tube is large enough to pop in an entire apple, core and all. Use the pusher to feed your fruit and veg down into the juicer.

3. If you want to make a large batch of juice, use the accompanying juice jug and the silver spout that fits into the jug. For juicing straight into a glass, fit the black downwards pointing spout. Make sure your ingredients will fit into a glass when juiced.

4. Once you’re done juicing, simply pour straight from the jug (if you didn’t juice into a glass) and enjoy your refreshing concoction. If time allows quickly disassemble the juicer and rinse off the parts in the sink for easy clean up.

Buy the Philips Avance Electric Juicer.

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