How it works: Zoku Slush and Milkshake Maker

The thermometer is on the rise, folks. Think lazy hot days and hours by the pool. Trying to beat the heat? Meet the Zoku Slush and Milkshake Maker. This nifty gadget is your quick sticks ticket to a summer filled with ice cold slushies (and even milkshakes too).

Zoku Slush and Milkshake Maker

Picture yourself relaxing with a frosty iced coffee or an ice cold mojito slush? Now picture making it in under 7 minutes. The Zoku Slush Maker is where high performance meets innovative design. The result? Milkshakes, healthy smoothies and frozen, alcoholic drinks made in as little as no time right on your counter. Ready to get started? Here’s how it works.

Zoku Slush and Milkshake Maker

How it works:

1. Remove the inner core from the outer sleeve and place it in the freezer for anywhere between 8–18 hours. After the appropriate amount of time, remove and return the inner core into the outer, plastic sleeve.
2. Pour a cooled beverage or smoothie mixture into the cup. Fill only to the ‘fill line’.
3. Let it rest for a minute or two and then use the plastic scraping spoon provided to scrape the ice from the walls of the cup. Do this several times.
4. Mix the ice into the drink in order to create the consistency of a slushie and enjoy.

A good tip is to dry the unit and refreeze it after use. Basically the inner core can live in your freezer and just chill out there. The refreeze time will be less if placed in the freezer immediately after use.

So simple, you’ll wonder how you survived summer without it. Try out our blood orange mojito or chocolate and salted caramel shake recipes.

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Sometimes even seemingly simple things deserve a little more explanation. Seen something interesting but still wondering how it works? Leave us a comment below and we’d be happy to oblige.