How it works: Yuppiechef Adjustable Rolling Pin

A scoop of flour, levelled perfectly with the blade of a knife. Cautiously added droplets of vanilla extract. There’s no end to the level of precision you can add to your baking. The more meticulous you become with every step of the process, the more evenly golden and crispy those cookies will bake. So when it comes to rolling out the dough, we can lend a hand. Put the chopsticks away – we know you tried that – and give this adjustable rolling pin a go.

How it works: Yuppiechef Adjustable Rolling Pin

The measurement discs on either end are removable (so you can use the non-stick rolling pin without them if you need to). They have four measurements (2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm) so you can choose the width that works best for what you’re making. Just line them up and start rolling. Here’s how the Yuppiechef Adjustable Rolling Pin works.

How it works: Yuppiechef Adjustable Rolling Pin

How it works:

1. Line the discs up on either end, making sure they are both lying on the same side (2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm). Line them up while they’re loose, then align them perfectly against the work surface.

2. Your first few rolls over the dough will not bring the discs into contact with the work surface. Keep rolling.

3. Roll in different directions until the discs come into contact with the counter on either side and the dough is an even thickness throughout.

4. Remove the discs for adjustment, say if you’ve decided you need a thinner overall dough thickness, or for washing up. Your dough is now ready for cookie cutting, or to be transferred as a perfectly even pie crust to your pastry dish. Happy baking!

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