How it works: Wonderbag Heat Retaining Slow Cooker

Is there anything better than coming home to a fully cooked meal just waiting for you to serve? Now that winter is in full swing, we think it’s time to introduce our new friend to you, the Wonderbag. Basically it’s a heavily insulated bag that keeps food cooking at a low, but safe temperature over several hours to continue cooking your dish while you are busy doing other things. Sounds pretty neat, hey?

how does the wonderbag work

Made by a group of underprivileged ladies in our fair country, the story behind the concept is really rather amazing. The colourful bags are designed to keep a hot pot at a whisper below simmering for many hours, allowing you to cook everything from rice dishes (in just a few minutes) to oxtail (in a few hours). Want to see how it works? Walk this way.

How to use the Wonderbag

How it works:

1. First, prep your dish. Do everything you would do before you would usually leave the dish to simmer (in this case we fried onions, added spices and all the other ingredients). Then pop a tight fitting lid on top.

2. Then carefully place the pot inside the Wonderbag. Placing a folded dishtowel in the base and around the sides of the pot can help keep your Wonderbag clean and adds a little extra insulation.

3. Place the smaller cushion insert in on top of the lid. Then pull in the draw string, enclosing the outer bag around it. Leave the bag somewhere safe where it won’t be knocked or disturbed for the full cooking time. We know it’s hard but try to resist the urge to check on it during cooking time, as this will let out all the built up heat requiring you to put the dish back into the stove and bring it to the boil again before closing it up.

4. When everything is cooked, remove the pot from the Wonderbag and serve. The cushion insert can be flipped over and used as a trivet to serve food from the hot pot. You’d be surprised how hot the pot is even after several hours inside the Wonderbag.

Keen to try this wonder for yourself? Buy the Wonderbag Heat Retaining Slow Cooker. You can even donate a Wonderbag to a family in need through their programme. Nice, hey?

If you have a thing for nifty gadgets check out some more products in our How it works series. Sometimes even seemingly simple things deserve a little more explanation. Seen something interesting but still wondering how it works? Leave us a comment below and we’d be happy to oblige.