How it works: Tea Forté Tea Over Ice Brewing Pitcher

Picture this. It’s a hot, summer’s day and all you want is some cool and refreshing iced tea. But making it, and leaving it to cool in the fridge? Now that doesn’t sound like fun. Enter the Tea Over Ice pitcher. A simple concept, it’s one we wish we’d thought of.


Simply brew the tea in the top, then pour over the ice cubes in the jug below. In minutes, you’re ready to serve beautiful, perfectly cooled, iced tea.


How it works:

1. Boil the kettle and pop a tea bag or infuser into the upper jug. There’s a small hole in the lid to hold the stalk of the Tea Forté tea bags, but any will do. If you use loose leaf tea and an infuser, just leave the lid off while you infuse.
2. Brew your tea for the correct amount of time, and use a little sugar or sugar syrup to sweeten it, if you like.
3. When the tea is done, pour over the ice blocks in the jug below.
4. The tea will cool almost instantly, and you can serve it swiftly with a sprig of mint.

So easy, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Buy the Tea Forté Tea Over Ice Brewing Pitcher.

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