How it works: Oscar Juicer

There are a myriad of powerful machines that all have their own unique way of whizzing fruit, veggies and grasses into liquid. The Oscar Juicer is one of the most popular amongst serious juice junkies for the high nutritional yield it promises as a masticating juicer. Here’s a basic run down of the difference between masticating and centrifugal but this step by step will show you exactly how this masticating juicer works.


Both the DA900 and the DA1000 function in much the same manner, with the newer model being slightly lighter in weight and functions at a somewhat lower rpm. The newer model also comes with a pressure adjustment setting allowing you to determine how many ‘bits’ you like in your juice. After all ‘pulp or no pulp’ is a big breakfast time debate.


How it works:

1. First things first. Assemble the Oscar Juicer. It may seem to have a lot of parts but it’s these parts that allow for such silent and powerful juice extraction. First, fit the drum and turn the locking clip on the body of the juicer until it locks. Next come the screw or auger, then the juice strainer and then the drum cap that simply twists into place. Put the the two juice and pulp containers below the juicer and you’re ready to go.

2. Because the feed tube of the Oscar is quite narrow to allow for portions small enough for the auger to chew, you will need to chop your fruit and veg into suitably sized pieces. Switch the machine on (the button is located on top of the machine) and use the food pusher to guide your fruit, in this case the apple and strawberry, down into the auger.

3. The juice will collect in ‘layers’ in the juice container, so when you are done juicing, simply switch the machine off and give the extracted juice a good stir before pouring it into your serving glasses.

4. Now all that’s left to do is disassemble the juicer, and that’s best done with an apron on as it can get quite messy. Give the parts a quick rinse under the tap with warm water (if you leave it standing the bits will harden and cleaning the juicer will be far more tedious, so do it straight away). You’re done.

Enjoy your freshly pressed juice.

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