How it works: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

When it comes to things like baking pastry and cookie dough, precision is your friend. Once dough is rolled out to an even thickness, it bakes evenly creating a beautiful end result. Sure, you could place chopsticks on the counter to line up your dough thickness, or you could let our friends at Joseph Joseph and their clever Rolling Pin make the process that much easier.


This handy Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin is basically designed to take the hard work out of rolling dough to an even thickness. With removable resistance discs on either end, you can choose the thickness quickly and easily. Interested? Here’s how it works.


How it works:

1. Some recipes will give you an indication of what thickness the dough should be, or you can decide what you prefer. Remove the green screw, and take off as many of the discs as you need.

2. The discs are for rolling out 2mm, 4mm, 6mm or 10mm thicknesses, and they are colour coded for easy matching. Pick the right one, and make sure the same colour is on both ends. Whichever colour ring is the largest on your rolling pin will determine the thickness of the dough, so remove any that are thicker than you want it to be.

3. On a floured surface, roll out your dough, using the measurements etched into the wood (this rolling pin has ruler markings etched into one side) to adjust the width of the dough.

4. When the discs are rolling smoothly along your counter surface, your dough is at the correct thickness and ready for you to stamp or bake.

Who knew baking could be that easy, hey? Here’s to even cookies and perfectly golden crusts.

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