How it works: CorkPops Wine Bottle Opener

Opening a great bottle of wine is something of a ritual. Everyone waits with drawn in breath and anticipation as you cut open the foil, twist in the opener and – the cork gets stuck. To save yourself from that anticlimax, give the CorkPops Wine Bottle Opener a go. Here’s how this clever kitchen tool works.


Designed to open wine bottles with just one puff of gas, it’s the simple way to get the cork out of even the most complex vino. It’s effective and impressive all in one go. It’s also fun to use – which is a rather big sway in its favour.


How it works:

1. Cut off the foil from the top of the bottle.
2. Stick the spike straight through the cork, until it comes out the other side, on the inside of the bottle.
3. Hold the bottle firmly and push the top of the gas canister down, releasing a puff of air into the gap between the wine and the cork. This extra air forces the cork up and out of the neck of the bottle.
4. When the cork is out, it will be most of the way up the spike. To remove it easily, grip the top and bottom part of the CorkPops firmly, and twist them away from one another (like wringing out a wet cloth). This will push the cork down the spike, making it easy to pull off.

So if you thought popping open a bottle was only for bubbly, we’re here to tell you that the pop is now available in all wines.

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