How it works: Aerolatte Steam Free Milk Frother

Once you’ve heard the siren call of a frothy cappuccino, it’s hard to go back to regular milk for at home coffees. What if there were a way to make that frothy deliciousness at home, without a top of the range coffee machine? The good news is, there is with an Aerolatte Milk Frother.


The Aerolatte Milk Frother whips air into milk at a high speed, increasing its volume and thereby making it frothy. Milk can be frothed both cold or warm, but if you want it warm, heat it gently in the microwave or on the stove first. Think that sounds good? Take a look at how it works.


How it works:

1. First off, you’ll need less milk than you think. The Aerolatte dramatically increases the volume of the milk, so don’t fill your glass or cup right to the top.

2. The Aerolatte has a coiled, spring-like mechanism that spins at a high speed, whipping air into milk. While most milk can be frothed, the best results have been found with long life milk, which holds the froth for longer, both hot and cold. However, fresh milk can be frothed, but the results are better when this too is heated first, as it holds the froth for longer than cold milk.

3. Place the Aerolatte in the base of the glass, at the bottom of the milk at a slight angle. Hold down the button and, as it froths the milk, slowly move the Aerolatte up through the milk to gently increase the volume.

4. When the milk is frothy enough, remove the Aerolatte.

Add this to your warm beverage of choice and enjoy your milky moustache.
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