How do our wine subscriptions work?

Wine is what we reach for after a hard day’s work. It’s what we share with our friends over leisurely lunches, topping up glass after glass until the laughter and last drop runs dry. So having a wine rack with no wine to unwind is not where you want to find yourself. To us there are few things more important than a fully stocked fridge and the right beverage to connect with friends. Our way of making sure that option is always available to you is a monthly wine subscription. Here’s how our wine subscriptions work and more importantly how you can have a great selection of wines delivered regularly to your door.


Why would I want a wine subscription?

A wine subscription is basically your answer to any of the following realisations:

  • Yes,  I would like a regular and great selection of wine arrive at my door
  • I no longer want to trudge off to the bottle store when I realise I’m low on stock
  • I don’t actually enjoy uhm’ing and aah’ing about which one I should try next and fearing disappointment
  • I would like to be exposed to a variety of wines within my budget and taste preferences

Those are all good decisions. So if you’re feeling any of the above then a case of 6 wines curated by us delivered to your door is just the thing.


How does a wine subscriptions actually work?

Our wine subscriptions are available on most of our mixed cases, curated to either wine type or a theme. Here’s the basic concept:

1. You select the case you want delivered to your door
2. You get to say how many cases of 6 you would like delivered to your door at one time
3. You select whether you want it delivered every one, two or three months
4. You then select if you want it delivered at the beginning, middle or end of the month (so that would be when the amount would come off your account)
5. Add your repeat delivery selection to cart and pay
6. Then await as your monthly wines roll in
7. We don’t believe in tying you in to an agreement so if at any stage you no longer wish to receive a monthly delivery of wine, simply cancel the subscription.

Got the gist and feeling super keen to go and explore your wine mixed case options? Here’s the portal to a life of wine subscriptions.

Some things to keep in mind on the wine subscriptions

  • The wild card mixed case changes from month to month to keep things exciting for you
  • The product page will give a detailed stipulation of what is currently featured in the various wine mixed cases
  • If a certain wine featured in one of our cases is out of stock, we will replace it with an equally delicious and fitting wine from our selection

Try one of our 3 most popular wine mixed cases

We hope you enjoy all the freedom our wine subscriptions offer you. Here’s to much merriment in the company of good people.