Homemade citrus and sour cherry biscotti

Got heaps of extra dried fruits and nuts stashed away in your pantry from Christmas baking? Here’s how to make a winning biscotti with all these tasty bits and bobs. Bonus? Biscotti makes for a great edible, homemade Christmas present. Hoorah.

Biscotti are one of my favourites  they often don’t even make it from the jar to my coffee  what with all that crunchy, fruity and nutty deliciousness. Making biscotti is also a great way to get rid of all the excess dried fruit and nuts you may have in your home post Christmas cake baking! I often make a big batch, divide them into lovely jars and take them along as a hostess gift to the many festive events of the season.


3 cups self-raising flour
1 cup sugar
A pinch of salt
3 whole eggs
1 egg yolk
¼ cup oil
½ cup almonds (you are welcome to add more or less, it’s totally up to you)
⅓ cup sour cherries
⅓ cup dried citrus (you can just as easily use mixed peel)
1 tsp Nielsen Massey Vanilla Essence


1. Combine the flour, sugar and salt in a stand mixer.
2. In a separate bowl, lightly whisk together the oil, eggs and vanilla essence.
3. Turn the mixer onto a medium speed and pour the liquid into the dry ingredients. As soon as it comes together, throw in your dried fruit and nuts and allow it to mix for 20 seconds. Do not over mix.
4. Shape the wet, sticky dough into three sausage shapes on a non stick baking tray (greased) or use a Silpat Mat. I allow about 5cm of space between biscotti otherwise they all merge into one big log when they bake!
5. Bake at 180ºC for 35 minutes. Once your biscotti have baked, take them out of the oven (turn the temperature down to 150ºC) and wait until they are cool enough to handle.
6. Using a serrated knife, cut your biscotti into 5mm thick slices and lay them out on the non stick baking tray or the Silpat mat.
7. Put the biscuits back in the oven for 30 minutes until they are dried to your liking.
8. Store the biscotti in an airtight jar.

Are you going to be giving some of these away this season? Happy baking all.