Tools to make the most of your herbs and spices

How does your garden grow? If you’re keen on your herbs, we bet they’re blooming by now, ready to be reaped and enjoyed. To make the most of your herb harvest we’ve lined up a kicker of kitchen tools specifically tailored to enhance the preparation and preservation of your leafy greens.

Tips on preserving your herbs and spices

1. Eva Solo Self-Watering Flower/Herb Pot

Not all gardens or balconies are suited to herb growing. With these elegant Eva Solo Self-Watering Pots you can keep a selection of your favourite herbs on a sunny windowsill and they will practically take care of themselves. The nylon threads, suspended from the top, ceramic pot, soak up water as your herbs need them. Top the glass base up and happy herbs are yours for the clipping.

Self watering herb pot by Eva Solo

2. Cuisipro Herb Keeper

To fight the wilting herb bundle battle, Cuisipro brings you this nifty little keeper of all things green and aromatic. Most recipes only call for a smidgen but this clever tool, with minimal water content and a pull out handle, keeps your sprigs fresh and at the ready for another day’s pickings.

Herb Keeper by Cuisipro

3. Yuppiechef Multi-Blade Herb Scissors

The classic and much loved herb scissors is a 5 star, err, blade, invention. Perfect, lengthy cuttings with every snip makes garnishing a gentle breeze. These nifty scissors can even be used to snip up some chillies or lettuce and cabbage leaves for a good ol’ summer’s slaw.

4. AdHoc Herb and Spice Cutter

Adhoc sure does describe this effortless action of flavour infusion. Why we only ever prep the table with salt and pepper is a good question, but in the stylish vessel that is this herb and spice cutter you can grind some full bodied flavour right over your pasta bowl. Chuck in a mix of your favourite dried herbs and spices and presto, you’re dining like a champ.

Herb and Spice cutter by Adhoc

5. Chef’n Herb ‘n Shear Set

If spur of the moment chopping and serving is up your alley then the Chef’n Herb ‘n Shear Set was made for you. Not only do you get to control how finely chopped you want your herbs with the curved mezzaluna, but you can instantly serve your fresh herby harvest in the already chopping-optimized, bamboo bowl.

Herb 'n Shears Set by Chef'n

6. AdHoc Spice Bomb Spice Infuser

Want to infuse your stews and soups with some authentic flavour without having to fish sticks and twigs out later? The Spice bomb retains the bouquet garni within its ventilated chambers while imbuing your dish with homegrown delights, so you don’t have to chew gingerly in mindfulness of the lurking bay leaf.

Spice Infuser by Adhoc

7. Master Class Granite Pestle & Mortar

A sturdy pestle and mortar is a chief component in any well oiled kitchen. For those of you wishing to do some hands-on crushing and flavour busting this granite combo by Master Class couldn’t be better suited. With a textured interior making for easy grinding, this sure is a solid investment.

Granite Pestle & Mortar by Master Class

8. Eva Solo Oil and Vinegar Carafe

So much of food psychology says that visual appeal adds a delicious dimension to the taste experience. With this oil and vinegar carafe from Eva Solo your salad spread can look as good as it tastes. Carry the scents and aromas from your garden to the table in these beautiful bottles. Fantastic flavour is just a drip stop away.

Oil and Vinegar Carafe by Eva Solo

9. Jane’s Delicious Kitchen

If gardening and growing your own herbs and veg have become firmly rooted in your New Year’s resolutions, why not take a leaf from this fantastic book? Jane Griffiths provides ample information on how to make the most of your harvest so you can eat and enjoy seasonal produce all year round.

Jane's Delicious Kitchen by Jane Griffiths

With any luck, these first rate tools needed for a homemade herbs and spice adventure will have you churning out fantastically flavoured food in no time at all. Which herb tool could you not cook without? Do tell.

Growing your own goodness might seem like hard work, but it’s actually a privilege. Check out how Soil for Life is uplifting lives, and roots for that matter, with their awesome home garden outreach campaign.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of your herbs, where all these tools will come in extra handy and if you care to delve into lesser ventured herb territory check out how to add world’s of flavour with these bygone herbs.