Good food, good wine & Gordon

Last year, we exhibited at the Good Food and Wine show:

This year, we didn’t exhibit but attended together as something of a team outing. We arrived at 5pm, and browsed around the many stands. The Stomers-Bulls rugby was being screened, so the background sound at the show was an interesting mix of crowd-roars, tinkling glasses, humming conversation and music. In addition, many of the stands had an enthusiastic spokesperson with a mike (Micheal Jackson style) which meant there really was quite a cumulative racket.

There were no stands that particularly stood out, but we did enjoy tasting some great local produce – including wines, salty chocolate, refreshing iced-tea and Pesto Princess pesto. Love those pesto people.

Gordon’s Chef in Action event at 7:30pm was what we were really looking forward to. He took us through a fairly straightforward three course meal:

Starter:   Potato, Leek and Herring soup (with a poached oyster)
Main:      Sticky Chicken with pan-fried endives and garlic-rosemary potatoes
Dessert:  Caramelised Apple tart with ice-cream

We had fun (check out some more photos here). If you went, we’d love to know what you thought.