Gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

We know you don’t really need a date on the calendar to remember how much Dad means to you. And we’re sure you’ll be cooking him his favourite meal to spoil the top dog in the house but since Father’s Day is just around the corner, we got a head start in helping you find a few winning gifts to show Dad some love this year. We even put together a pop up Father’s Day Shop. Dad’s are worth it.


1. Bohemia Crystal Wine Glasses

Giving Dad a great bottle of red? Because you know, maturing like a fine wine? Why not make the gift extra special with a nice set of Bohemia Crystal Wine Glasses? Now you can toast to those fine laugh lines you’re no doubt responsible for.

2. Whiskey stones

The gentle clinking of whiskey on the rocks is an auditory nostalgia many of us associate with evenings by the fireside. Heard of Whiskey Stones? These granite cubes cool drinks gently, meaning Dad’s drink won’t dilute and you can listen to stories for longer. Everyone wins.

3. Fridge Monkey

Maybe Dad’s a Virgo. Or maybe he’s got a little German in him. Or perhaps he just likes to know his beer will be in the same place every time he opens that fridge door. In any case, a Mode Fridge Monkey is the best way to keep a beer pyramid safe in a choc-a-bloc fridge.

4. Tonglite Braai Tongs

Much like changing the spark plugs on your VW, Dads always appreciate someone shining a little light on the grill so they can see what needs basting or turning. Elevate your Pop to true braai master status with these champion Tonglite Braai Tongs fitted with an internal LED. What a bright idea, hey?

5. Jimmy Public Salt Slab

When it comes to unconventional cooking, nothing will blow his socks off like perfectly cured steak or fish, cooked on an Salt Slab. For the Jamie Oliver types out there, this is a Father’s Day gift supreme.

6. Mixed Case

For an ultimate thank you, nothing quite says ‘You’re the best’ like a mixed case of 12 epic craft beers. The Belgian beer mixed case has proven quite popular too. And even if it’s not initially right up Dad’s alley, they say change is as good as a holiday. Now that’s a good gift.

7. Opinel Braai Knife

For the outdoors, camping fan, why not spoil him with a Braai Knife by Opinel? He may not be Bear Grylls, but his volcano making skills and nifty shoe lace unknotting talents most definitely earned him a place as the industrious hero of your heart.

8. Le Creuset Reversible Griddle Pan

Give Dad the gift of epically seared meat this Father’s Day with a Le Creuset Reversible Griddle Pan. That’s right, reversible. Ribbed on one side for excellent grilling and flat on the other for a good egg and bacon fry up. Now that’s a pan.

9. Mungo Design Man Cloth

Dad’s don’t wear aprons. They also don’t let you go to school on a hungry stomach or mind having a food fight when you have your friends over. For all those memorable moments in the kitchen, thank Dad with a Man Cloth from Mungo to keep his chinos spick and span.

10. Nespresso Lattissima Touch

Raising you probably had its ups and downs. But making coffee for ever after doesn’t have to follow the same patterns and can be just as rewarding with a Nespresso Lattissima to greet your Pa in the mornings. We’re pretty sure he’ll thank his lucky stars (that’s you) for this Father’s Day gift.

If you really want to one up the soap on a rope from last year, what about spoiling Dad with a specially curated gift box from our Father’s Day gift box collection? We bet there’s a box there with his name on it.

And when it comes to giving a helping hand for culinary greatness, you really can’t go wrong with one of our Mastering Meat Cooking Courses hosted by Kitchen Cowboy Peter Goffe-Wood. It’ll be a ride into cleaver wielding magic your dad is sure not to forget (plus you’ll reap the benefits of some expertly made beef olives. Bonus.)

Happy Father’s Day all.