Get the skinny on household food brand NoMU

When it comes to brand story origins, the NoMU story begins with an honest, fairly selfish frustration. Owner, Tracy Foulkes, just wanted to be able to find out more about the quality and variety of ingredients she was using for her own cooking, in her own kitchen. As a professional caterer many of the ingredients were already on hand, so she decided to start experimenting. She also gave thought to how she would want the foods packaged for herself. Tracy thought it might be a great idea to trial some of the ideas for fun, along with a small brand concept – just to see what would happen – and sixteen years later, they are still pleasantly surprised to have born a business like this.

The story behind the brand name is definitely a comical one. Tracy was a vegetarian and since her other initial concept was to create a high–end food emporium, the owners joked that her dream deli wouldn’t have a lot of ‘cow’ in it. ‘No Cow’ equals No–Moo’, and this was shortened and eventually blossomed into NoMU.

This Cape Town based company finds all their inspiration from traveling and discovering the cuisines of other unique cultures, which often leads to the owners choosing ethnic street food, over fine dining. The teams creative process consists of looking for original or unique ways to treat concepts they believe they could make a real improvement on, “This is how we came upon the idea to do rubs first.

From that point, with an idea or a blend, we abuse friends, family, and staff with endless taste testing and sampling until we are satisfied.” Then it’s really a question of designing flavours, blends, and packaging and paying special attention to quality, originality, and experience.

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Currently the ‘Skinny Hot Chocolate‘ is the most popular NoMU product in the range, but with all of their products being a big hit, the company’s vision will continue to grow and to source the best ingredients in order to create the best products possible, “NoMU continues to grow bit by bit, each year without ever needing to compromise on values or quality and so this is something we are very proud of”.

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