Get a cozy choux in with a free wallpaper for May

You draw back the curtains, freshly brewed coffee in hand, and stare at the moody grey scene. Going outside may well be an adventure but the warmth indoors beckons you back into the kitchen where a different kind of adventure awaits you. Colder months are the perfect time for indulging in new culinary lessons, or spending a few hours perfecting something as satisfying as the classic eclair. Whatever your kitchen adventure, we hope this free wallpaper for May inspires you to do something you’ve never done before and then to be brave enough to do it again for some warmth and company seeking friends.


Download the free wallpaper for May

HD Desktop

1980 x 1080 (with calendar) – download
1980 x 1080 (without calendar) – download


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1440 x 900 (without calendar) – download


1024 x 768 (with calendar) – download
1024 x 768 (without calendar) – download

iPhone 5

640 x 1136 (with calendar) – download
640 x 1136 (without calendar) – download

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