Fun and games at Silwood kitchen

You’d think that spending our days surrounded by kitchen tools would mean we’d use our evenings for things like Nintendo, walking small animals and learning how to play beach bats. But, truth be told, if there’s a chance to spend even more time doing things with food – the Yuppiechef HQ team leap towards it.

We spent a fantastic evening at the Silwood kitchen this week compliments of our good friends and partners in kitchen, Le Creuset. On arrival at Silwood’s leafy premises in Rondesbosch we were met with trays of handcrafted treats and chilled wine and relaxed for a while before heading in to the kitchen.

With MagiMix‘s, Global G2‘s, cocottes and griddles dotted around we were in our element, and broke into four (competitive) teams to prepare a delicious meal.

Our menu included a hearty paella, mustard crusted sirloin, salads with all kinds of magical ingredients and sweetcorn fritters followed by a dessert trio of homemade ice cream, puff pastry fruit tarts and chocolate brownies. Much fun was had as we followed our yellow brick road Silwood guides (thanks, girls) and mixed, chopped, stirred and sliced our way to victory.

At about 9pm, with tummies rumbling, we trouped next door to a candelabra-lit dining room to eat together. It was rather lovely, and there were discussions of how it would be to live together in a giant cookie cutter shaped house and dine together everyday…

A big thank you to Le Creuset for making this super food experience possible, and for giving us treats to take home – we had a blast.

Find out more about Silwood’s cooking courses, including a Romantic Dinner cooking class on 7 March and like Le Creuset on Facebook if you dare. Over and out.