The easiest fruit salad with honeycomb ice cream

Making dessert doesn’t always require pre-lunch preparations, especially when a fresh, citrus feast is on the cards. Mandolines make light work of fruit prepping, so your fruit salad slaving becomes a thing of the past. Who can resist this one with a dollop of ice cream and a crumbling of crunchies?

fruit salad prepared with a mandoline

Ingredients (serves 2 plates):

4 kiwis – peeled
1 punnet of strawberries – tops cleaned and washed
2 peaches
1 large mango
2 apples of your choice, cored and skin left on
2 granadillas
Edible flowers
Good quality vanilla ice cream
2 chocolate crunchies, crushed


We used the De Buyer Kobra Complete Slicer to make this salad speedily but you can also use your own knife skills or any mandoline.


1. Peel and slice all the fruit with the mandoline, except the granadillas, on the thinnest setting and arrange on each plate. When it comes to the softer fruit try slicing them on the mandoline without the support of the food pusher, as this applies quite a lot of pressure.

Slicing fruit for the fruit salad by using a mandoline

2. Remove all the seeds and juice from the granadillas and place dollops on the fruit, especially on top of the apples, which helps prevent browning.
3. Add a good scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of each fruit salad serving and arrange some edible flowers around this. Whenever possible use good quality vanilla ice cream. And if you don’t have any edible flowers available, you can also use rose petals to decorate the dish. Just be sure they’re not grown using pesticides.

Dressing the fruit salad

4. Sprinkle the crushed crunchie over each fruit salad and serve, to the absolute delight of your guests.

FInal fruit salad with ice cream and honey comb crumble

Seasonal fruits are mother nature’s way of boosting your immune system with the right nutrients needed for impending bugs. Isn’t she a darling?

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With thanks to Sybil Doms for her lovely styling and beautiful recipes.