Fridges can have Monkeys too…

The Mode Fridge Monkey is one of the bestsellers on our site. People love these things. In fact we sometimes wonder if a group of people are hoarding them all, and joining forces to build a Leaning Tower of Fridge Monkey somewhere…

Candice Winterboer sent us a review:

“We all have issues with storing bottles in our fridge, actually anything that can roll around… The thing is, not all bottles can fit in the fridge door and if you are like me (and most of my friends), there seems to be a fair number of bottles in the fridge at any given time – Champaign, wine, beer, milk, water  – the examples are never ending.  Stacking them on top if each other is of course common practice but when one bottle is removed, especially if it is not from the top of the pile,  all hell breaks loose when the others roll to reposition themselves in the empty spot.

The Fridge Monkey revolutionizes your fridge!  It helps you to stack bottles (and tins for that matter) in an orderly pyramid and prevents them from rolling around.  I first came across the Fridge Monkey when I was looking for a cool gift to WOW one of my friends with, but which wasn’t going to break the bank – once I saw the look on her face when she proudly showed me her neatly stacked pyramid of beer, I knew I was onto something fantastic, and subsequently all of my friends have been gifted with the very same thing…

A Fridge Monkey is probably the most versatile gift I have EVER come across, it covers Christmas pressies, Housewarming items, Kitchen tea and Birthday gifts AND its unisex – erm that means for both boys and girls… As I mentioned the Fridge Monkey will also not leave you broke so what I usually do is order a couple of them at a time and then just stockpile them for whenever I might need an unexpected gift, or when I’m trying to seem super organized.

You can use the Fridge Monkey on any shelf of your fridge.  I would suggest placing it away from the walls of the fridge to help balance the bigger bottles (like wine in my case) although you can just fiddle around and see what works for you.

Bonus Tip: I even use the paper which comes in the box every Yuppiechef item is delivered with, as wrapping paper (1), because let’s face it – when you are shopping online, who has time to go out and buy that kind of stuff…”

The good news, is that our paper just got a whole lot prettier (2). Read more about our new paper here.

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