Four awesome Wonderbag recipes

The Wonderbag has taken the world by a softly cushioned, shwe shwe covered storm as a brilliant slow cooking alternative. It not only reduces the need for excessive energy consumptions but also decreases exposure to toxic fumes in families who are required to cook with propane gases. With high excitement levels about this life altering, cushioned kitchen tool, we decided to put some recipes to test in the Wonderbag. From meaty mains and deliciously quick sides, this innovative cooking companion does them all, and does them well leaving you with more time to play.


Curried rice with raisins

Everyone who’s ever taken a stab at preparing a good curry knows that the longer it cooks, the more imbued those flavours and aromas become. With this grainy side dish you can have all the same flavour without worrying about it burning in the pot.


Gingered sweet potatoes

Busy roasting something in the oven and want a side serving of equally tasty proportions? Give these gingered sweet potatoes a go. They’re even perfect for braai days, leaving you to socialise by the fire while your contribution practically cooks itself.


Hearty beef stew

A flavourful, meaty stew doesn’t have to be a labour of love. Let the controlled warmth of the Wonderbag cook your chunks of beef to a tender perfection while you’re out and about, dealing with the errands of life at large.


Vegetable crispy chorizo and barley soup

Coming home to a hearty veg soup is not something many would say no to. Imagine, if you didn’t have to stand beside the stove, carefully watching while it cooks to perfection? Do all the prep work, bring it to a toasty simmer and pop into your Wonderbag. Presto, dinner is served.


We hope these easy slow cooking, Wonderbag recipes stand you in good stead during times best left for curling up on the couch.

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