Finding peace in textile play and basket making with Mia Mélange

Children are often able to create the most wonderful things out of a pure sense of experimentation and play. Retaining that sense of wonder and curiosity as we get older is a marvellous skill, one that Mia of Mia Mélange tapped into on her journey of discovering the bountiful world of textiles.

Mia’s background in textile design and a lot of hard work and dedication, combined with a desire to create a collection of functional hand-crafted homeware items, were the ingredients that gave rise to the brand.

Based in Stellenbosch, Mia thought carefully about the name of the business: “Mélange means mixture or blend in French. It’s also a type of yarn that is commonly used in the textile and fashion industries.” So, Mia Mélange basically means ‘Mia’s mix’, a combination of home decor and accessories with a strong emphasis on the limitless world of textiles. Mia trusts her creativity and therefore her creative process is a simple one, consisting of a quick sketch of an idea and experimentation with different materials until she perfects the final product.

She admits creativity comes naturally to her, with a background as a florist and event stylist. She seeks inspiration in everything, though she is particularly fascinated with nature, different cultures and traditional crafting techniques.

Mia Mélange takes pride in their quality, their detail and in sourcing all materials locally. Their products are 100% handmade in South Africa, with great care and attention to detail. This stands true to a very special product of the brand –the Peace Basket. These baskets were inspired by the iconic Rwandan basket, the Agaseke, used for centuries to carry and preserve foods such as grains and bread. They are traditionally used as gifts for important ceremonies, such as weddings.

The baskets have also come to represent a symbol of peace after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda came to an end. The locals used their traditional basket making skills and gave the vessel a newfound meaning of peace and hope, and as a big fan of baskets, Mia’s research on traditional basket types from many different countries led to her discovery of the Peace Basket. They are functional and decorative: “This modern vessel will add flair to any kitchen or home. It can be used to store garlic, whole spices, or miscellaneous items.”

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