5 favourite international food blogs

The vast and wonderful world of food blogging is kept alive by thousands of committed, independent writers and culinary whiz-kids. They cook and capture their experiences, keying their mistakes and successes and allowing us to travel with them on their great kitchen adventures. Here are five of our favourite international food blogs. What are yours?


The homepage image of spoon.fork.bacon's food blog

Jenny and Teri are two friends, living together and blogging together. One takes photos while the other writes and their food blog is just over a year old. Their style is clean and with Jenny’s Asian background, the food often has a Pacific Rim twist to it. One of our favourite posts is their Apple Sangria, a fizzy, fruity delight. Take a look and consider what it’s possible to achieve in just 12 months.

Joy the Baker

The home page image for Joy the baker's food blog

She’s a little bit weird and a little bit crazy, she cooks up whatever she feels like and makes no apologies, all things evident in her food blog. She’s even written a cookbook. Cheese chilli fries? Yes sirree. Cookies at midnight? Don’t mind if we do. Her cat is fluffy and majestic (he obviously rules the roost) and she made him baked cat treats for his birthday. Our favourite recipe for humans? Dark chocolate cookies with pistachios and smoked sea salt. Decadently divine.


The home page of Bakerella's food blog

In 2008, Angie Dudley wanted to make cake balls and to make them look even cuter, she poked sticks into them and decorated them with colourful candy melts. Lo and behold, cake pops were born. Versatile, easy and with great potential for quirkiness, cake pops took the blogging world by storm. In no time at all, Bakerella had a book of how-tos, designs, tips and tricks and a DIY Kit following hot on the book’s tail. As sweet as the cake pops she makes, Bakerella is also the home of cakes, cupcakes and sweet treats galore.

PS: keep your eyes peeled for both book and kit on our shelves soon.

Bleubird Vintage

The home page of Bleubird Vintage's food blog

A baby called Birdie, a homeschooling mom named James and a happy little family of 6 (soon to be 7), Bleubird Vintage is a step away from a full food blog, as she posts about life, her family and the happenings in their lives. She makes us want to make doughnuts while the baby is sleeping, wear sandals and snooze in a hammock all day long. Favourite thing? Birdie’s chubby cheeks and this pretty, simple white cake.

A Beautiful Mess

The home page of A beautiful mess' food blog

Sisters, Elsie and Emma, share their lives, their adventures in DIY and home decor along with their recipes and plans for the future on their blog, A Beautful Mess. Their bohemian style and sweet tone make for an interesting read. However their mission – to take the time to make something beautiful each day – is something that truly inspires. Whether it’s a recipe for homemade oatmeal or tips on how to photograph your home, the girls provide something interesting almost every day of the year. Also, they’re writing a book. True story.

The blogosphere is vast, full of interesting people, recipes, situations and families. Who inspires you to live life better, to get out there and cook and to make something beautiful each day?

Tell us, which are your favourite food blogs?