Supporting the worthy Cuppa for CANSA cause and daring to hope

It could be a friend, a family member, a colleague, maybe it is you. There is a cancer fight story in each of us – some end in sadness, others in triumph, a celebration of strength of body and spirit. My story has a bit of both, full of wishing and waiting, sadness and loss, hope. And though the heavy fog of grief takes time to lift, hope remains in the stories of battles won, of good care and of deep courage.

Cuppa for Cancer-3163

Every year between June and October, The Cancer Association of South Africa encourages communities to host, attend or raise funds for a Cuppa for CANSA event. It is just one way to keep hope alive, get involved and help make a difference. The money raised is put towards providing much needed support for cancer patients that stay at CANSA Care Homes while receiving treatment.


We recently got together for our annual Cuppa for CANSA fundraising tea at Yuppiechef HQ, gathering around heavy laden tables of savoury tarts and sweet treasures for a good cause. Thanks to our friends at Le Creuset for the use of their lovely serveware.

Continued research is essential to beat the disease, so the fact that CANSA spends R12 million on average per year to fund more than 30 research projects at various universities, makes it a beacon of light in the darkness of the unknown. The organisation also works on screening and early diagnosis education and care and support for those affected by and living with cancer, both essential services in the battle to prevent a rise in our statistics.

If you’d like make a donation to CANSA, you’ll find the details in the link provided.