Cooking with Nina Timm

Do you find yourself pondering the ‘what should I make for dinner’ question on a daily basis? If so, Nina Timm and her My Easy Cooking blog could be just what you’ve been looking for. This month, we welcomed Nina to our test kitchen here at Yuppiechef HQ and learnt a thing or two from this inspiringly warm, gracious and honest lady about whipping up meals in a flash.

Nina Timm at Yuppiechef HQ

How did Nina’s blog come about?

The story goes that back in October 2007, Nina woke up on her birthday expecting a gift from her husband of roses, chocolates or perhaps a short holiday and was instead given a blog. Nina learnt how to cook from her mum and grandma and after years of being called at all hours of the day and night by friends and family for her advice on recipes and ‘how do I cook this’ know-how, Nina’s husband Des thought it high time to give the gift of creativity and set Nina’s innate foodie talents free.

Nina Timm cooks in our kitchen

The pair soon clued themselves up on all things SEO and Nina started sharing the recipes that she cooks for her family. Quick and easy are the name of the game with each recipe being tried and tested – the whole family scores each meal and only the top scorers are sent into the virtual world. My Easy Cooking is now one of SA’s most prominent food blogs and in 2012 Nina won the coveted EatIn award for Best Local Food Blog.

Nina Timm cooking in our kitchen

So what’s the secret of success?

Nina’s secret is to never make anyone feel intimidated in the kitchen. Everyone and anyone can cook, you just need to start the journey and mastering a few basics is a good first step. She also doesn’t use the fanciest of ingredients and her meals don’t cost a fortune to put together. Only simple combinations and some key skills are required. With two hungry kids looking over her shoulder every night while she photographs their supper, it’s understandable why she can’t afford to spend hours on the styling of each dish. In the end her meals are honest and her recipes, humble, which is what gives Nina Timm such big appeal.

Nina Timm makes herb butter

Three quick and easy recipes

Nina made the Test Kitchen at Yuppiechef HQ her home and whipped up these three easy recipes in a blink. She also taught one of our graduates, Ryan (pictured here), a few useful tricks.

1. Goat cheese balls

Master these little bites of creamy deliciousness for a superb salad with whatever you have to hand (try beetroot or figs) or eat them on their own dipped in plum sauce or sweet chilli. Here’s the recipe for Nina’s goat cheese balls.

Goat cheese balls

2. Herb butter

This is a versatile recipe to have up your sleeve. Delicious on steak, fish, grilled mushrooms or garlic baguette – get the recipe.

Nina Timm makes herb butter

3. Banoffee roulade

Nina is a great believer in learning the basics. If you can learn how to make a classic like a roulade, for example, you can tweak it depending on what’s in your cupboard and you’ve got a simple but very impressive looking pud at your fingertips. Here’s Nina’s recipe for banoffee roulade.

Banoffee roulade recipe from Nina Timm

Ways to keep in touch with Nina

You can keep up to date with Nina’s latest recipes by visiting My Easy Cooking or checking in with her on facebook or twitter. Nina also hosts a radio  show on RSG on Thursday mornings at 9am so give it a listen and, if you’re in Kaapstad you can book in to one of her cooking courses.

A big thank you to Nina and Des for cooking with us. It was an absolute pleasure to have you.