Our new online cooking course: Mastering Meat 1 with Peter Goffe-Wood

Are you ready for some pretty exciting news? After the success of our very first online cooking course The Art of Baking with Sarah Graham, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve just unveiled the next in a line-up of epic online cooking courses, Mastering Meat 1 with Peter Goffe-Wood. It’s a goodie, here’s why you should sign up for part 1.

If you feel that mastering meat is on your culinary bucket list (and we think it should be), you’ll join legendary chef Peter Goffe-Wood (of MasterChef South Africa and Kitchen Cowboys fame) on a fiery and entertaining journey through the foundations of excellent roasting, frying, grilling and barbecuing. cooking course screen shot

You’ll learn how to bring dishes to life with tasty accompaniments and chef-quality sauces and get all the skills and theory needed to conquer classics like roast leg of lamb, spatchcock chicken, homemade hamburgers, tender pork fillet and so much more.


We can’t sing the praises of all things online enough and just like our previous course, Mastering Meat 1 is an entirely online learning experience, right here on Yuppiechef.com. Once you’ve signed up for this course you’ll get access to:
  • Easy-to-follow video tutorials filmed in our very own kitchen studio
  • Lesson quizzes to test your knowledge as you go along
  • In-depth theory notes and guides for you to keep and refer to later
  • An online question and answer forum where you can share with fellow learners and tap into their experiences
  • A user friendly mobile and tablet interface so you can learn anytime, anywhere


Packed with all sorts of tips, tricks and techniques, including how to become the master wielder of your very own cleaver, or even a chef’s knife, Mastering Meat 1 will have you making friends with bakers and candlestick-makers in no time at all. So, check out our online cooking school, folks, and sign up for the first in a two part series of meat mastery and join the ranks of our online cooking course students.