Christmas gift ideas

It’s never easy deciding what to get someone for Christmas but, perhaps with a little luck, we can help. This nifty list includes our gift suggestions for your people and their passions. Whether they’re a dedicated coffee connoisseur or they just love being in the kitchen, anything on this list is bound to bring a Christmas morning smile.

Gift suggestions for Christmas

For the baker

To make a baker’s heart rise with glee is quite simple, really. Anything that will add, enhance or inspire their sugar craft is the way to go. Club together for a dream machine or add a classic item to their collection.

KitchenAid Baking Bible Stoneware Batter Bowl by Le Creuset Venus Spatula Spoon by Le Creuset
KitchenAid Stand Mixer
For the love of your baker, this mixing champ is a winning gift.
Annie Bell’s Baking Bible
How do you keep a baker baking? More delicious recipes, of course.
Le Creuset Batter Bowl
Whipping up any batter in this stoneware beauty is a treat in itself.
Le Creuset Venus Spatula Spoon
With this spatula, you’ll scrape every last drop of sugar goodness.


For the kids

All children are enthralled by the science of food. It’s like tasty, playful magic for little people. Here are some fun loving gift ideas guaranteed to cultivate and celebrate that side of their youthful keenness in the kitchen.

Zoku Le Creuset Junior Cico Egg Cup and Spoon by Alessi Cico Egg Cup and Spoon The Silver Spoon for Children cook book
Zoku Trio Quick Pop Maker
Create ice pops in just seven minutes. Yes, it’s the business.
Le Creuset Junior Cake Baking Set
A mini version of your cake kit will delight the little baker.
Alessi Cico Egg Cup and Spoon
Give your kids a breakfast friend. Egg & soldiers, oh yes please.
The Silver Spoon for Children
Easy step-by-step recipes to keep kids cooking and parents fed.


For the wine connoisseur

Whether they wax lyrical about the nose, temperature or tannins of their favourite vino, your wine connoisseur buddy will be ever so glad to unwrap one of these grape, oops, great gifts.

Riedel ice orb Le Creuset Bottle Opener Menu Wine Carafe
Riedel drinking glasses
Do they like red or white? There’s a specific shape for every cultivar.
Fusionbrands Ice orb
The white wine drinker’s best friend. Chills of excitement.
Le Creuset Facelift Bottle Opener
No fussing with the cork leaves more time to enjoy the plonk.
Menu Wine Breather Carafe
Breathing life into a good ol’ red. Quick and oh so chic.


For the coffee and tea lover

This special breed of liquid lovers take their warm cup of comfort quite seriously. If they’ve ‘bean’ good to you this year, why not bag one of these brewing, steeping and sipping delights for them under the tree?

Nespresso U Nigiro Teapot Crush Cups Bialetti French Press
Nespresso U Espresso Machine
Know a coffee fan with little time and space? Enter the Nespresso U.
Nigiro Traditional Large Teapot
A pot to warm their heart and bring clarity to tea time catch-ups.
Revol Cappuccino Crush Cups
A porcelain cup as unique as your creative, coffee-loving pal.
Bialetti Preziosa French Press
Make coffee the classic way, like a true Italian nonna. Bottoms up.


For the cook who has everything

Some friends and family already have their kitchen kitted out with their culinary essentials but that’s ok. Not everything has to fill a void. Some things can just simplify or delight.

Gefu Spirelli Julienne Slicer Alessi Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Magimix Le Glacier Turbine ice cream maker Kitchen Herb Scissors
Gefu Spiral Julienne Slicer
Twirls and swirls, salads and stir fries in one exciting tool.
Alessi Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Some light-hearted seasoning for a good humoured foodie.
Magimix Le Glacier Turbine
A dairy queen’s dream – ice cream whenever the heart desires.
Kitchen Craft Herb Scissors
A plentiful herb garden makes quick pestos with this friend.


For the entertainer

This friend or relative loves to be the happy host. For all the swanky soirées they’ve invited you too, these chic or rustic entertainment accessories will go a long way to showing your gratitude.

Boska Board and Knife Set Revol serving plates Royal VKB Serving Tray Kitchen Craft Pizza Stone kit
Boska Cheese Boards and Knives
Informative and tasty – a cheese and wine never looked this fine.
Revol Basalt Serving Plates
Delight the party planner with these trendy, minimalist plates.
Royal VKB Self-balancing Tray
Entertain and keep drinks topped up, not messing a drop.
Kitchen Craft Pizza Stone Set
Something to cook and serve on, for the hostess with the mostest.


For the budding chef

It’s always nice when you receive a present that shows someone has faith in your abilities and passions. Give your aspiring foodie friend a kind nudge with these culinary confidence boosters.

Wusthof Knife set Jamie's 15 Minute Meals cook book Square Skillet by Le Creuset Imperia Pasta Machine
Wusthof Classic 3 Piece Starter Knife
Build a razor-sharp collection with this classic knife trio.
Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals cook book
Speed cooking at its best. Know anyone up to the challenge?
Le Creuset Square Skillet
Cook steak with this solid pan for char-grill lines, like it should be.
Imperia Italian Pasta Machine
Nothing says foodie like homemade tagliatelli.


We hope this list of firm favourites will alleviate some gifting stress this Season of Jolly. For more gift ideas, head this way.

What’s on your Christmas list?