Test kitchen Tips and skills

Learn how to make ravioli

Is ravioli new to you? Italia has been crafting glorious stamps of goodness since way back in the fourteenth century. From humble beginnings, these crinkle-cut squares have taken the world by storm and now line supermarket shelves (top dollar for... Continue reading

How to use a piping bag

I’ve been baking cupcakes (compulsively, some might say) for a long time and, over the years, I’ve often been asked to show friends ‘how to do icing like that!’ So here’s the answer… use a piping bag. I use a... Continue reading

How to maintain your knives

Your knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. For such an essential and often expensive tool, it’s really important to make sure you maintain it so that it endures years of fun in the kitchen. There is also nothing... Continue reading