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How to be wheat and gluten free

There is a lot of talk about the various intolerances humans have to foodstuffs. Like milk (shame). Today’s tremendous trivia post gives one such intolerance-activating substance the limelight. Hello, Gluten. Gluten is the elastic protein present in wheat, rye and... Continue reading

Pods for perfectly poached eggs

Bridget McNulty – a passionate foodie, heart-shaped egg maker and excellent writer – sent us a review of her Fusionbrands poachpods: “I have a confession to make: although I consider myself a burgeoning foodie, I have never made a poached egg.... Continue reading

Fridges can have Monkeys too…

The Mode Fridge Monkey is one of the bestsellers on our site. People love these things. In fact we sometimes wonder if a group of people are hoarding them all, and joining forces to build a Leaning Tower of Fridge Monkey somewhere… Candice... Continue reading

Wonderful Wasabi

Some love it, some hate it. Some mistake it for avo and then really hate it. Todays tremendous trivia topic is wasabi. Wasabi is part of the cruciferous plant family which includes cabbages, horseradish and mustard. Lots of people think... Continue reading

Seasonal eating

Do you like to do your bit to look after and love the earth? Good for you. But, do you eat grapes all year round? Today’s tremendous trivia post is on seasonal produce. Gone are the days of walking into... Continue reading

Latte Art lovin’

Have you ever looked down at a steaming coffee and wondered if the barista has a crush on you? Or a secret passion for ferns? Or just way too much time? Welcome to the world of Latte Art. We are... Continue reading

A Guide to Ice Cream

Ice-cream is great. So many types, so little time. Today’s trivia piece is a shout out to this frozen friend. In 500 BC the ancient Greeks used to sell snow mixed with honey and fruit in the markets of Athens.... Continue reading