Recipes Starters and sides

Spice it up with Spanish patatas bravas

Savoury and spicy flavours combine in this classic Spanish tapas dish. Patatas bravas consists of crispy cubes of potato topped with a flavourful tomato sauce. Sounds appealing, no? Great as a light meal or part of a delicious spread of appetisers and just the kind... Continue reading

How to make carpaccio

Delicious and splendidly simple, the key to a great carpaccio is to get the best meat you can afford, and use a super sharp knife. With those two things covered, you’re a-for-away. This carpaccio has a spicy sugar crust and is perfect... Continue reading

Magic mini burgers

Spring has officially sprung and we are preparing for the much anticipated sunshine with this recipe for magic mini burgers. Whether you are planning a braai or wish to serve bite-sized appetisers, these mini burgers will go down a treat. The Kitchen Craft... Continue reading

Easy shoestring fries in the Airfryer

Cooking with hot air instead of oil? Now that’s smart. So, if you’re wondering how the Philips Airfryer works, never fear, we’ve got the low-down for you. Quite simply, the Airfryer super heats air and circulates it rapidly around your ingredients, cooking, baking and... Continue reading