Recipes Starters and sides

Easy melon and prosciutto kebabs

Who ever it was who first decided to combine the gentle flavour of melon with ribbons of prosciutto gets our eternal gratitude. It’s a light and utterly lovely flavour combination that couldn’t be easier to prepare. This version, skewered on... Continue reading

Pulled pork mini burgers

When meat is so tender that it literally tears apart in delicate strips, you know there won’t be much talking around the dinner table. This dish is so juicy they’ve even invented a term for it. Pulled pork. It’s usually cooked... Continue reading

Four awesome Wonderbag recipes

The Wonderbag has taken the world by a softly cushioned, shwe shwe covered storm as a brilliant slow cooking alternative. It not only reduces the need for excessive energy consumptions but also decreases exposure to toxic fumes in families who... Continue reading

How to make your own dukkah

Dukkah is one of those magical ingredients than can make anything tasty. This one is packed with roasty, toasty flavours, and has a smoked paprika and dried chilli kicker. Use it on everything and always be generous. Ingredients: ½ cup... Continue reading