Cupcakes ahoy!

We are having a little competition. A copy of ‘Bake’ by Tina Bester and a voucher to her fantastic patisserie – Queen of Tarts in Woodstock, Cape Town – could be yours. Interested? Keep reading. Cupcakes have arisen. Once the... Continue reading

Spudski your Potatoes

If you’re into alpining or are related to Frodo Baggins you might find these Spudski potato mashers completely irresistible. The design is based on the old fashioned ski pole and our guess is that the designer thought mashed potato looked... Continue reading

Espresso anywhere anytime

Following on the trend of outdoors/innovation comes this new gadget (not currently available in SA). The Handpresso is a contraption (not to be confused with a bicycle pump) that allows you to make an espresso anywhere – more specifically in... Continue reading

Make your own beer

To help with the beer bit - we've found this killer looking stainless steel home brewery station, which could pass for a mini plutonium refinery...but is in fact designed to make humble beer. Continue reading

The Edge Brownie Pan

Remember the fights you used to have as a kid (and still have) over the edges of your moms fab brownies? Well some clever people decided to think out of the cake tin and bring an end to school yard... Continue reading