Recipes For kids

Granola for your Mum (yum)

This recipe is incredibly simple and allows you to be completely flexible with the quantities of ingredients (a novel concept for a control freak like me). The quantities below are a guideline more than anything and of course you could throw... Continue reading

Minichefs: perfect cupcakes

When baking with little folk, cupcakes are a wonderful endeavor to embark on. But, rather than trying to co-ordinate multiple pairs of busy hands around one central mixing bowl, consider splitting your ingredients up and letting each of your minichefs man their... Continue reading

Minichefs: pita pockets

Pitas are a perfect vessel for inspiring lunches and easy picnics. Simply dice, slice and stuff a pocket full of goodness and embrace the middle eastern flat bread with its handy pocket (created by steam which puffs up the bread... Continue reading

Afternoon delight

Part of what makes us who we are is regularly stopping whatever we are doing and drinking tea together. If Yuppiechef was a body, social teas would be a lung. Or definitely a kidney. Today we downed tools and gathered on... Continue reading

Minichefs: moulded chocolate treats

Chocolate: from childhood and ongoingly this creamy friend beckons us from half-licked mixing bowls, temptation aisle at the supermarkets and the less-healthy variants of cereals and biscuits (wholewheat digestive biscuits are the enemy). All children should experience through words the world of... Continue reading

Minichefs: mango smoothies

If you have never made your own smoothies, you totally should. Healthy, filling, easy and tasty – what more is there, really? They lend themselves to experimentation with whatever is in season (at the moment, mangoes are it, which you... Continue reading