Recipes For kids

Minichefs: Rainbow lamingtons

Do you need a party activity or just some weekend fun with a few children? We might have just the thing. Yuppiechef hosted four very busy boys who created these delicious multi-coloured treats and served them, very proudly, for afternoon... Continue reading

Minichefs: papaya sailing ships

Sailing your breakfast across a china plate is fun. Ask anyone under seven. This kid-friendly adaptation of the Papaya, lime, Bulgarian yoghurt and pistachio nut salad is designed to tempt little people into filling their morning tummies with healthy goodness. You’ll... Continue reading

5 Tips for Cooking with Kids

Does unleashing a couple of bright eyed and sticky fingered kids among whirring blender blades, chef’s knives and fiery hot elements sound like a bad idea? No one said cooking with kids would be uneventful, but it needn’t be avoided.... Continue reading