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How to make Doodh Pak

This weekend marks the beginning of the five day Hindi festival of lights, also known as Divali. Melissa Chetty, part of our Facebook community, asked us to post a few recipes for the traditional Indian fare made to celebrate Diwali,... Continue reading

Buchu Tea

This tea is nice. And it is very good for you. It smells like blackcurrant minty magic: If you don’t know about Buchu tea, read this post. Ronel Terblanche of Cape Moondance dropped off these two boxes of tea at... Continue reading

How to make Frozen Mojitos

Cuba is the accepted birthplace of the famous Mojito. They are traditionally made of white rum, sugar, lime, mint and sparkling water. The Mojito was the favorite drink of author Ernest Hemingway, who made a bar in Cuba (La Bodeguita del medio) famous... Continue reading