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Strawberry granita

With strawberries in abundance, now’s a great time to experiment with these luscious beauties. This recipe makes a refreshing summertime dessert – bright, easy, healthy and exactly what you would imagine sweet strawberry ice to taste like. Granita is very similar to... Continue reading

Zesty gin and tonic sorbet

Looking to impress this summer with your entertaining prowess? This gin and tonic sorbet will knock your guests socks off. Take it from us, folks, it’s sublime. Ingredients (makes approximately 1 litre): ½ cup water ½ cup sugar 2 limes,... Continue reading

Homemade lemon cordial

The sun is getting up earlier and going to bed later and there’s the fresh smell of jasmine in the air. It can only mean one thing; Spring has sprung and what better way to prepare for the much anticipated... Continue reading

Red velvet hot chocolate

Red velvet cupcakes are an all-time favourite of mine – and I don’t even have a sweet tooth! Those delicious ruby gems inspired this recipe, red velvet hot chocolate. Download print-friendly version. It’s the perfect indulgence to warm up a... Continue reading

How to make Glühwein

The icy winter months have inspired me to explore the German delight, Glühwein, and with a cold snap rumoured to be on its way, I know what I’m looking forward to this weekend. When researching Glühwein, I found an overwhelming number... Continue reading

Iced beetroot and gin shots

Wondering how to get your Eat For The Earth lunch off to a flying start? Jane-Anne Hobbs Rayner, author of the delectable Scrumptious blog, has the answer: iced beetroot and gin shots. Jane-Anne’s Eat For The Earth menu: Iced beetroot... Continue reading

How to make ginger beer

We’re big fans of Jane-Anne Hobbs Rayner and her awesome blog, Scrumptious. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to testing her recipes so we’re so glad she’s given us her fool-proof ginger beer recipe. A delicious taste of... Continue reading