Recipes Braai

A braai classic: braaibroodjies

When the cupboards are bare, consider braaibroodjies (braai sandwiches). All you need is some bread, cheese, tomato and somehow, when toasted on a braai, your sandwich will be taken beyond the realms of ordinary. Given a little extra love and... Continue reading

Beef fillet with chimichurri

It’s set to be sizzling this weekend so if you’re looking for that extra kick to add to your braai repertoire, consider beef fillet chimichurri. There are many stories as to where chimichurri originally came from but we like the one... Continue reading

Fruit kebabs with chocolate sauce

Do figs and plums braaied to perfection then dipped in melted chocolate sound good to you? They tasted pretty good to us (happy memories of chocolate covered fingers and faces). Experiment with your favourite fruits and consider doubling the chocolate... Continue reading