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40 of our best braai tips

If we’ve learnt anything from the Ultimate Braai Master, it’s that breaking the rules of convention is the best way to impress your braaing audience. We asked for your best braaing tips and man did you deliver. Here are our... Continue reading

Easy three bean salad

Planning a braai or barbecue this weekend? This three bean salad recipe is a classic South African dish that makes a great accompaniment to any chops and boerie rolls. It’s pretty easy to whip up and you can always mix... Continue reading

Justin Bonello’s tuna kebabs

With summer in full swing braais are pretty much a standing event. If you’re a little over the chops, Justin Bonello, and his new book Roads Less Travelled – The Ultimate Braai Master have a tuna kebab recipe, made from the fresh... Continue reading

Justin Bonello’s braai pizzas

This is one of our favourite recipes from Justin Bonello’s Roads Less Travelled: The Ultimate Braai Master — Bertus Basson’s braai pizzas. A recipe that can be described as Italian food made the African way. Braaied pizza For the best... Continue reading

Mushroom and Taleggio jaffle

The humble toasted sarmie has recently got a major confidence boost thanks to the reappearance of the jaffle iron on the foodie scene. We dabbled in some cheesy goodness and made this simple sarmie with mushroom and some top notch... Continue reading

Cheese and tomato jaffles

For every deluxe, fancy dish, there’s its sunny, simple cousin. The cheese and tomato sarmie has saved you during late night study sessions, midnight munchies, when you’re pressed for time, just not up for cooking or when end-of-the-month salty cracks... Continue reading

Sticky and sweet ribs

Keen to smack your chops over a sticky braaing adventure? These moreish barbequed ribs are a must to make. Did we mention they’re glazed in a Jack Daniel’s marinade? We’re not sure there’s much more to say on that. Ingredients (serves... Continue reading