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Real mccoy macarons

Have you stumbled upon these delightful creatures? Today’s trivia post is on the French macaron. These rainbow fellows are popping up all over – and you might have caught yourself wondering why some people try to rip you off for... Continue reading

Beans for Blind baking

We like alliteration. But that’s not the only reason for this blog post. Beans that help with baking really exist. Blind baking is when you cook a pie or pastry base before adding the filling. If you just gooi it... Continue reading

Bake it like you mean it

So we’re having a Cupcake baking competition – we’ve asked people to bake, take photos and send us pictures. A chance to win a Tea-for-two voucher for Queen of Tarts and a copy of ‘Bake‘ by Tina Bester, just for... Continue reading

Bread, glorious bread

The world can be a confusing place. So much to learn, so little time… The world of foodies is no exception. Ever felt the heat of not being able to tell your friends which herbs you used in your curry,... Continue reading